Please, get well

Steve Rubel has been a great read for many months now. His blog, Micropersuasion, has served as an invaluable guide to the ascention of blogging as a mainstream promotional tool, Web 2.0, RSS, and much more. Today, Steve announced that he has skin cancer.

Ever the blogger, Steve plans to write about his experiences publicly at

Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery.

Steve’s announcement also reminded me that I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that one of my other favorite bloggers (and writers), Cathy Seipp, recently announced that she’s had lung cancer for going on three years.

Reading both Cathy, as well as her daughter Maia’s blog, together is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable online experiences. Both women are bright, hilarious, and true. I can’t say much except that I wish Cathy and Maia the best as they battle Cathy’s unfortunate condition.


Step one: read this article by Ben Stein defending George Bush.

Step two: If you are a blogger and you truly, seriously, honestly, blame George Bush for the hurricane, please call me and explain why. Check to make sure you’re sane first, because like most humans on earth I’m often quite busy.

Because, see, I’m not going to know the reasoning behind your belief that George Bush is the cause and effect of the hurricane. That’s because I am delinking and deleting ANY blogger from my blogroll, RSS feed, and headspace who dares to suggest that an act of God (or whatever YOU call it) was caused by our President.

Bloggers who I’ve already wiped from my life:

Dave Winer

Congrats, Tom

Congrats to my friend Tom Biro for landing a great new gig with MWW. Biro, one of the ‘bloggiest’ people I know, is now Director, New Media Strategies for the New Jersey-based PR firm. Here’s his announcement.

I first ‘met’ Tom via our mutual friend, Bob Cox, and since have had the pleasure of working with him on various Media Bloggers Association projects.

I was glad to have finally met Tom in person at BlogNashville this past May, where I regret not thanking him in person for introducing me to several interesting people. He also got me going on LinkedIn (the social networking site he thanks in part for his new job) and is due a large share of credit for finally getting me off my anti-RSS-reading high horse.

In Biro’s new position, he’ll be directing MWW’s blog strategies, and in that area he’s no slouch. Almost every day of the week, you can find him blogging at AdJab, The Media Drop, or Tom Biro’s spot.

Back in January, I published a lengthy interview with him on his then-new blog, as well as RSS reading, online advertising, and more.

Best of luck to you, Tom.

Oddjack: insert gambling pun headline here

So, it appears that Nick Denton has reached into my brain, plucked out another idea, and slapped a semi-realized site design around it: The other day, his Gawker Media empire launched Oddjack, a gambling blog.

One notable element of the too-grey-heavy-site is the two choices of RSS feed: If you scroll allllll the way to the bottom, you’ll notice the site offers two RSS feeds: a full-text feed with ads, and a summaries feed with no ads. Choices are good.

Congrats, Jeff

One of the media/tech gurus I look up to, Jeff Jarvis, has quit his big-media job at to strike out on his own as Buzzmachine, LLC. Among other things, Jeff will consult for The NY Times Company and is working on a “stealth-mode” citizen’s media startup.

I first became a fan of Jeff’s when I was a geeky magazine-loving teenager holding my first copy of Entertainment Weekly back in 1993. I also read Jeff at TV Guide, and his Buzzmachine was one of my earliest and most influential blog reads. Though I haven’t always agreed with him, it’s incredibly cool to be able to follow a media mentor from magazines to the web over the course of more than eleven (!) years. Much has changed during that time, and here’s to Jeff’s continued success down the line.

The Nashville blogging scene is pretty cool

One of the best parts of attending BlogNashville was that I came away reading about 10 or so new blogs, at least 4 of them Nashville locals. Two of my favorites after a fortnight:

Tim Morgan

Saucy Librarian

UPDATE: Welcome Nashvilleians, and thanks Brittney (even though you made fun of me twice in two days, ha). Now that the spotlight’s on, I feel remiss in not mentioning these excellent Nashville blogs in my original post:

* Sparkwood & 21

* Bill Hobbs

* Slept Thru Texas (Jennifer Patrick, who took the Nash skyline picture for the BlogNashville site)

* And perhaps the newest Nashville blogger: John Jay Hooker

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Busy Mom, who just helped set my new record for most comments on a post. Busy Mom was another nicely written site I stumbled upon during BlogNashville and had somehow lost. Now she’s Bloglined and Blogrolled!

BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY UPDATES, RIGHT? Just discovered Busy Mom’s tagline…it’s one that my wife would love/agree with: Better parenting through coffee.

People who should be blogging, volume 1

An unfinished list of people who I wish would start blogging* (because they’d be good, fun, and/or interesting doing it):

* I had a certain Food Network host here, but I had to remove her because I was bombarded with Google image searches for her. Sorry, RR!

*Cousin Sal, that fat, annoying idiot from Jimmy Kimmel Live (how does he not have his headshot on IMDB?)

* Somebody from the Red Sox (preferrably Arroyo)

*Of course, everybody should be blogging, and anybody could be good at it…this is just a post where I think up a few celebrities and others who I think would have a natural knack for it.