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  • From Hammond to Rannazzisi

    Steven Rannazzisi

    Getting tickets to see Steve Rannazzisi (he might hate this, but you likely know him as Kevin on The League) tonight got me thinking about the other comics I’ve seen perform live. Below, a list with approximate dates. Darryl Hammond, Sept. 2003 (John Fugelsang opening) Dane Cook, October 2004 Mitch Hedberg, November 2005 (Stephen Lynch opening) Eugene […]

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  • Top 10 favorite comics

    The title panel from the comic "Dustin"

    The Sunday comics are a big deal in our house, and while we love the overall experience of reading the entire comics, a discussion about our favorites quickly turned into three of us building our own “Top 10 favorites” list. Here’s my list — this isn’t exhaustive, as it only represents the comics available in our […]