Writer links to his own Newsvine column

My third Newsvine column has arrived. With the Superbowl coming up this Sunday, I decided to unleash my crazy idea to re-invent the NFL schedule.

Newsvine, a collaborative, community-driven news site, has not launched to the general public yet, so if you’d like to read my article you’ll need to be a member. I have some invitations available to anybody who’s interested in participating in the Newsvine community- just let me know.

My first column for Newsvine is up. It covers the rumored return of Futarama to TV and asks: why not bring back favorite cancelled shows to DVD or the internet instead?

Since Newsvine is still in beta, you’ll need an invite to view the site. I have a few left, so if you’d like one, and you know me, just let me know. My email address is at the top right of every page on this site.