To celebrate the return of spring, Heidi has brought back The Living Well Report, a blog on great food and healthy eating, and it’s now featuring tons of all-new content. Stop by and check out posts on fresh apple cake, chicken caesar salad, and more!

Presenting The Living Well Report!

Are you a person? Do you enjoy food? If so, I cordially invite you to visit a new site I’m proud to announce: The Living Well Report. Hash browns & sausage

The Living Well Report is a blog devoted, essentially, to delicious and healthy food. My wife Heidi cooks some awesome things usually with organic and/or natural ingredients and with variety and moderation in mind. Together, we photograph these concoctions and share them on the site along with recipes, product reviews, and other good things.

Please head over and check it out, and be sure to grab The Living Well Report RSS feed. And of course, we welcome your comments or feedback!