• family
  • Meet Big Bird again, for the first time

    Hey, parents: Have you watched countless hours of Sesame Street and/or Muppet movies with your child? If you’re anything like me, your mind begins to wander a bit as you’re enjoying the 23rd consecutive viewing of the one where Zoe’s tutu flies up in the tree. Because I’m curious about how things work, my mind […]

  • DVR
  • Big news for TiVo?

    The web is buzzing about a big announcement by TiVo set for tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am EST. Many are predicting TiVo will announce a free set-top box in exchange for subscription deal, but I’m going in the other direction and predicting they’ll announce a major content partnership. INSTANT UPDATE: Looks like I was…mostly right. Lost […]

  • DVD
  • Untitled

    My first column for Newsvine is up. It covers the rumored return of Futarama to TV and asks: why not bring back favorite cancelled shows to DVD or the internet instead? Since Newsvine is still in beta, you’ll need an invite to view the site. I have a few left, so if you’d like one, […]

  • bloggers
  • Untitled

    This is really cool: Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright have launched a new site called bloggingheads.tv (a take-off on “talking heads”, hehe). It’s a video blog of sorts, with Wright on the left side of the video and Kaus on the right. The unique part: Both men are sitting in (apparently) their own separate offices, […]