Idea factory: Save and share Your Laws

OLSTM (one line summary): It would be fun if somebody created a site called (as of this writing, it’s available). The site would be a place to record and publicly share personal “laws”, such as “Clarke’s Law states that a traffic light will only be green when you don’t want it to be.”

Here’s one way it could work: Buy the domain name (or something similar). Then, create a simple “add your law” form tied to a basic account system. Visitors to the site would be able to add personal “laws” or axioms such as the one described above. They could be named after their creator (“Clarke’s Law”), or they could be phrased in a more literal manner (“The Law of Decreasing Battery Life.”), or however anyone chose to name them.

Why it matters: It doesn’t mater, per se. But it could be fun and pretty easy to build. A neat possible feature, if the site took off, would be allowing users to create and print (or order!) a mini desk calendar with one of the public laws for each day of the year.

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