Thank you, Mark!

Mark Glaser, one of the best writers out there covering the web/blogging beat, has posted a great wrap-up of BlogNashville over at OJR.

Glaser summarizes the key points coming out of the conference by offering up a list of “Seven big ideas (and one pet peeve)”…and lo and behold, the list includes one item created by me!

5. BlogNashville site aggregates blog posts and photos from conference. OK, it’s the ultimate self-referential move, but that doesn’t mean it’s not helpful. The conference’s Web site includes a page called “Discussion,” that’s not really a discussion but actually an aggregation of all the BlogNashville blog posts via Technorati, photos via Flickr and Web links via Not only is it a great running tally of the post-convention commentary, but you can also subscribe to RSS feeds to get the latest in your newsreader. This is the type of page that should be a requirement for all conventions in the future.

Thanks for the kind words about the BlogNashville Discussion page, Mark.

Final thoughts on BlogNashville

Blogdex screenshot

Now that BlogNashville is in the rear-view mirror, I have two final thoughts.

My first comment is a big yee haw! If you click the fuzzy picture up top here, you’ll see a full-size screenshot of Blogdex, a service that essentially takes a snapshot of the most popular links around the blogosphere on a given day. Since I first stumbled across Blogdex a couple of years ago, it’s been a secret dream of mine to have a site I built appear on the Blogdex front page. So I was pretty happy to see BlogNashville- a site I was fortunate enough to build for my good friend, Media Bloggers Association prez and BlogNashville organizer Bob Cox – appear on Blogdex on Sunday.

That leads me to my second point. I owe a big public thanks to Bob for continually (and curiously) allowing me a front-row seat to some of the coolest happenings, projects, and people in blogosphere over the past few months. Those of you who are lucky enough to know Bob know exactly what I mean when I say that he is both a pleasure and a blast to work with.

Just checking

Everybody knows that I re-launched this site without finishing it, right? That it’s got tons and tons of bugs and kinks that need to be worked out?

Okay, just checking.

A better Flickr badge and a late scoop

Last week, I was messing around with this site and stumbled onto what might’ve been a scoop had I actually posted it in time. Here’s what I wrote then but never published:

Tired of that pretty limited “put Flickr photos on your site” widget that Flickr calls a badge?

Well by accident last week, I stumbled across a new version of the badge-maker not yet live on Flickr. Check it out (make sure you’re logged in to your account first):

The badge_new.gne page is already live on Flickr’s site. No scoop for me.

Dang, that’s a nice site!

Via Glenn, we learn that Tennessee Governor Phil Bresden is now blogging at his state’s official website, (Too bad they didn’t call it, right?).

A couple of thoughts on this:

* Did Bill Hobbs get Gov. Bresden blogging? Or was it his state’s larger (and surprisingly larger) blogging community that got him started?

* Dang, the Gov (and the state) has a really, really nice site design/layout going on! World’s better than most other official Governor’s web sites, Bresden’s appears to be easy to use as well as attractive, modern, and friendly. It doesn’t validate– got to add “alt” tags to your images, team! – but it’s got email updates, some nice accessability features (in-context font sizing, multiple links to the same pages, intelligent navigation, etc.), and I like it.

Now, they need to update the rest of the site to match.

Winer UNleads a BlogNashville session

During the final track of BlogNashville today- in a session titled “A Respectful Disagreement” – Dave Winer combined with cartoonist John Cox and a few others to create what became, at times, quite a contentious, un-respectful discussion.

Near the middle of the frequently awkward hour and forty-five minutes- after a couple of flare ups- Dave gave up and sat down, prompting Glenn Reynolds to leave. As Tom Biro rightly called Winer out for rudeness towards one of the session-goers, I captured Winer giving up as session leader in a bit of shaky video. I left shortly after I filmed this, but Les Jones posted a running commentary on the complete session.

UPDATE: I had to take the video down because it wasn’t loading properly. I’ll try to bring it back sometime.

Winer’s take: Dave Winer posted his thoughts here. I think he’s correct when he writes that “…it was a hostile exchange, lots of the usual mindless crap you get on political TV shows.” But in my view, Dave did as much to contribute to the Crossfire-esque atmosphere as any of the others involved.

More: Tom Biro live-blogged the session as well.

Still more: Dave Winer unleashes a sarcasm-drenched rant. Not all that respectful. When will it end, Dave? When will you get over it?

Still, still more: The Professor and I agree.