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Do online ad numbers seem almost too good?

Whoah…According to this item on AdJab, AOL has “clarified” an earlier statement it made regarding its estimates for ad revenue this year. Still, rather than planning to exceed industry growth, they now say all they’ll do is meet growth. Not bad considering current industry estimates predict that online ad rev will grow 20-25% in 2005!

Is Yahoo becoming a social services giant?

As usual, there’s tons of great stuff over at Micropersuasion (is that the laziest post intro ever?), including this long, descriptive post about Yahoo’s new 360 mega-social networking service. Apparently, 360 will combo blogs, profiles, photos, and more into one uber-service, which goes public March 29th. Related item: as part of yesterday’s Remaindered Links feed, […]

NY Post keeps highly unpopular IntelliTXT service afloat

AdJab’s Tom Biro (subject of an NL Interview last week) is reporting that the New York Post is the latest publisher to adopt the highly unpopular “contextual” adversiting service IntelliTXT. In its extremely questionable push to mix advertising and editorial content, IntelliTXT links certain keywords in an article with related advertising that displays in a […]

Kottke is blogging full-time “for blogging’s sake”

Jason Kottke, one of the web’s earliest and still most influental bloggers, announced today (on his own site, of course) that he’s quit his job and is now blogging full-time. Not for a professional site, mind you, or a niche site- but rather, his own personal, any-topic-goes weblog. It’s a pretty bold and exciting move […]