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Credit where it’s due

During the summer I made much hay about being disgusted with Technorati’s absymal level of service, uptime, and results. It’s only fair, then, to note that in my own anecdotal experience I’ve noticed a signifigant improvement in Technorati’s service over the past few weeks. Congrats to Technorati for listening and responding to the complaints of […]

Technorati pays to be pinged first…so why are the still so sloooowww?

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting reports that Technorati has struck “exclusive deals” with some blog utilities to be pinged first before any other services (such as or Pingomatic) are notified that your blog has been updated. So what? Is this a big deal? It might not be, except for the fact that despite this alleged advantage, Technorati […]

Weblogs, Inc. network abandons Technorati…one week after Jason Clarke, Inc. network!

I’ve been woefully remiss in following up on my posts last week regarding my switch from Technorati to IceRocket (if you missed it, CEO’s of both companies commented here last week). Now comes a post from that other Jason (hehe), Weblogs, Inc. network prez Jason Calacanis. He’s not only fed up with Technorati, he’s asked […]

More on IceRocket

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’ve swapped out my Technorati search results link on each post over to an IceRocket search results function. There’s more to it: I’m also dropping my 10+ Technorati RSS feeds (Customized RSS feeds of my blog’s name, my name, and other topics of interest as they flow into […]

Various housekeeeping notes

In keeping with my recent rail against Technorati, I just updated the part of this site that automatically linked Technorati search results from the post (it was right over to the left there, under “Comments”). Now, I’m linking you to results from Icerocket, a search engine. It’s just a trial, so let me know your […]