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2006 Citizen’s Media Sites of the Year

Last year, I named my “2005 Blogs of the Year“, and without even reaching it’s second anniversary, I’ve changed the format of this award. Instead of limiting its scope to blogs, I’m expanding this list to include all types of citizen’s media sites- from blogs to podcasts to video blogs to anything that might be […]

A Maine Impact Thanksgiving

Today, we’ve got a special episode of Maine Impact up in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Three Mainers- State Rep Emily Cain, author Jim Baumer, and blogger Michelle Souliere- were kind enough to call in to the Maine Impact public voice-mail line to submit exclusive audio essays on the topic of “being thankful for Maine.” […]

Announcing Maine Impact

After much hard work, I’m pleased to announce my latest project! It’s called Maine Impact, and it’s a podcast covering news, politics, and technology with a focus on Maine and an eye towards the world at large. My good friend Lance Dutson of the notorious and heralded Maine Web Report has graciously agreed to lend […]