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In significant ways, Fred Thompson video challenges the status quo

Many blogs have already noted Tuesday’s amazingly quick, and quick-witted, video response by Senator Fred Thompson to the re-surfaced Michael Moore’s open letter. Fred Thompson answers Michael Moore. Blogger Bob Krumm said it best when he argued that Senator Thompson’s response speed could be a powerful factor should he decide to run, particularly compared to […]

One amazing video

Below is one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen in quite some time. The backstory: Potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson recently criticized Michael Moore’s trip to Cuba. Today, Moore fired back with a challenge to debate Senator Thompson on healthcare issues. Just a few hours later, Thompson posted this brilliant, devestating reply to, […]

My statement on OJ’s new book

Via MSNBC, I just learned that my former publisher, ReganBooks, is putting out a book by O.J. Simpson titled “If I Did It.” According to news reports, the book will describe how Simpson “would have” killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, murders he was aquitted of in 1995. Although I value free speech, I also […]

Mickey Kaus and the infalability of Malcolm Gladwell

To be honest, I think it’s getting past time for somebody to infuse some much-needed skepticism into Malcolm Gladwell‘s writing. As much as I love and respect Gladwell’s writing- his book, The Tipping Point, is one of my all-time favorites- he’s coasted far too long on an overwhelmingly unchecked public image. Call me cynical, but […]