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Debate video report: Congressman Ron Paul

Next up in the series of Republican Presidential debate video reports Lance Dutson and I filed is an interview with Ron Paul, who is so far capturing much attention online and at events such as Wednesday’s debate, yet has not translated that enthusiasm into poll numbers. Lance talked to Congressman Paul about that, among other […]

Back from the first break…

…and the next issue is security. Talk about a hedge: Romney says the surge is “apparently” working. UPDATE: Wow…McCain takes a direct shot at Romney, repeating “the surge is working”, and “it’s not whether it’s apparently working or not…it’s whether we will set a date for withdrawl, which means surrender.” More: “I want our troops […]

Cameron is on site at local restaraunt

FoxNews’ Carl Cameron is live at a local restaurant here in Durham. The first question- we’re still on the topic of amnesty 20 minutes in- is from a man who is complaining that a fence is not enough to keep illegal immigrants out. Giuliani answers by stating that we need a “tamper-proof” ID card for […]