Category: self-promotion is back!

After a nearly seven-month hiatus, my political weblog has emerged from retirement anew. This time around (major version 3 by my account), I’m taking a backseat and operating primarily as publisher while two new bloggers, Chris Hata and Mike Faulkingham, take over daily posting duties. Please head over to the new and check […]

The obligatory “please hire me” post won’t come for a few more weeks

Oh yes, so last Friday was my final day at the job I’ve held for the past two years. I am currently unemployed! It feels good, and only a bit scary. Thanks to my former employers for two years of often enjoyable, occasionally hectic experiences. I am happy to be drifting along, however long or […]

Final thoughts on BlogNashville

Now that BlogNashville is in the rear-view mirror, I have two final thoughts. My first comment is a big yee haw! If you click the fuzzy picture up top here, you’ll see a full-size screenshot of Blogdex, a service that essentially takes a snapshot of the most popular links around the blogosphere on a given […]