NBC to enhance its online video offerings

Good news for the continuing un-harnesing of network television: NBC has announced it will both expand its online video platform, and in a big finally! move, it will make its video player embeddable. This move is a big step for a major network…it turns the tide from complaining against services like YouTube, and begins challenging […]

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The future of online video is ‘Bright’

In January, I predicted video would be the #1 story of the web in 2006. At his RTNDA keynote in Las Vegas today, Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire supported my thesis. Lost Remote has an excellent wrap-up of his speech, where he demonstrated the new and exciting Brightcove platform which is about to go live (give

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Big news for TiVo?

The web is buzzing about a big announcement by TiVo set for tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am EST. Many are predicting TiVo will announce a free set-top box in exchange for subscription deal, but I’m going in the other direction and predicting they’ll announce a major content partnership. INSTANT UPDATE: Looks like I was…mostly right. Lost

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My first column for Newsvine is up. It covers the rumored return of Futarama to TV and asks: why not bring back favorite cancelled shows to DVD or the internet instead? Since Newsvine is still in beta, you’ll need an invite to view the site. I have a few left, so if you’d like one,

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This is really cool: Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright have launched a new site called (a take-off on “talking heads”, hehe). It’s a video blog of sorts, with Wright on the left side of the video and Kaus on the right. The unique part: Both men are sitting in (apparently) their own separate offices,

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Brightcove: Please update your site!

New web-based video service enabler Brightcove, founded by one of my favorite web pioneers, Jeremy Allaire, is making a drastic mistake as it launches: for me atleast, its site’s main navigation is completely broken in my version of Firefox. Not to mention, the entire site is one big flash file. Yikes, but as much as

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Idea factory: Share your TiVo programming hints with other friends

Looking for a pretty easy and usable web project? How about using the TiVo website (where owners can view and schedule TiVo recordings online) and combining it with some kind of easily hackable online TV listings site (neither Yahoo!’s nor’s had any kind of feed/API that I could find). The result would be a

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