While browsing my local university’s bulletin board, I noticed this line in an ad for the campus Amnesty International chapter:

If you want to take an active stance against human rights then this group is for you!

This weekend

* We watched Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. My vote: *** out of 4 stars. Funny, hilarious in places, and slick overall. I am deepy disturbed that they cut my favorite line from the trailer – “I can’t lower my heart rate; I’ve got a cougar on me!” – from the feature film. But all-in-all, this was a direct hit for Ferrell/McKay/Apatow, and well worth checking out.

* I uploaded some photos from our personal archives to Flickr. Included: Shots from December 2004, a highway/mirror shot from fall 2005, and one of a giant tree completely split down the middle on I-95 here in Maine.

Announcing The JGC Awards

In light of Thomas Hawk’s recent post about The Webby Awards, I’m starting up a new web awards ceremony myself. As I stated in a comment on Thomas’ site, the rules of The JGC Awards are thus:

For $120 (about half the cost of a Webby), I will happily confer upon any one of you the “Best Website of All” Award, and include a nifty logo you can place on your homepage.

At half the cost of buying a Webby award, The JGCs have about the same amount of credibility, but much less press.

Law of ongoing trends

Law of Ongoing Trends: Whenever you think a trend is about to expire, it’s safe to assume it will continue on for up to half of its total life to date.

Expressed mathmatically: Total life of trend = assumed life + half


Rabbit, originally uploaded by jgclarke.

I came home today and found this little friend hanging out in my basement. He came to stay overnight but he has to go home again tomorrow.

Notes from the week

Eeek! I’ve been away for over a week (rhyme not intended). Here are some of the things I’ve been up to since I’ve been gone:

* On Sunday, three years to the day of the launch of, I re-launched by TV/Video/DVD blog, Network Landscape. Check it out, and if you’re interested in covering online video, TV, and etc., drop me a line.

* I added some photos to Flickr today, including two of the bookshelves in our office. I tagged them with the showyourbookshelves tag so if anybody wants to join in that or whatever, go on. I think it would be fun to browse what folks have on their shelves.

* We’re finally, hopefully, cancelling Adelphia cable in favor of DishTV (Any DishTV subscribers out there, feel free to leave pro/con comments or emails).

* Upcoming Summer Watch: We’ve grilled out once, cut down a couple of errant branches, and played badminton at work twice. Yardwork to come.