Step one: read this article by Ben Stein defending George Bush.

Step two: If you are a blogger and you truly, seriously, honestly, blame George Bush for the hurricane, please call me and explain why. Check to make sure you’re sane first, because like most humans on earth I’m often quite busy.

Because, see, I’m not going to know the reasoning behind your belief that George Bush is the cause and effect of the hurricane. That’s because I am delinking and deleting ANY blogger from my blogroll, RSS feed, and headspace who dares to suggest that an act of God (or whatever YOU call it) was caused by our President.

Bloggers who I’ve already wiped from my life:

Dave Winer

Web developers: help unite hurricane survivors with their families

Are you a web developer proficient in either PHP/MySQL or Google Maps API/Ajax development? Are you looking for a way to help the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts besides just donating some cash?

Then please check out the Katrina Caravan Rescue’s call for web developer volunteers. They need help getting their website & database up to snuff so they can help people even more. Please check it out, post about it, and pass it on.

To learn more about the Katrina Caravan Rescue, check their website.

Give to hurricane relief efforts

Today, Instapundit is hosting a massive blog fundraiser for the areas and people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The response is overwhelming- countless people have chimed in with a host of charities that deserve our support.

Rather than link to a larger charity though, I thought I might add to the fundraiser by linking to an individual who has been personally affected by the tragedy.

Livejournal user Amicablebitch (her real name is Mary) is a New Orleans resident. Over the past week, she’s been accepting donations at her site via PayPal. But the money isn’t going just to her- she’ll be using part of it to help rebuild, and also donating some of the money to other worthy causes as well.

If you want to catch a personal glimpse of the devistating effects of the hurricane and lend your support at a super-personal level, head over to her site, read her recent entries, and please consider making a donation.