New: Zoom Shots focuses in on makers, their work, and their process

zoom-shots-booksWhen my friend, author Chris Godsoe, offered up review copies of his new book pre://d.o.mai.n (available on and today!), I jumped at the chance to get an advance peek at the book and support an author.


Christopher Godsoe, author of the new sci-fi thriller pre://d.o.mai.n

At the same time, I figured it might be a good chance to tweak my always-in-progress site, so with the launch of Chris’ book today, I’m happy to announce a new feature on my site: Zoom Shots, an occasional, ongoing series taking an in-depth look at both makers (writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, web developers, etc.), as well as the product of their craft. I’ll be doing long-form interviews, reviews, and other content designed to give artists and their work a close, and occasionally skeptical, look.

First up is Christopher Godsoe, author of the new sci-fi thriller pre://d.o.mai.n: Check out my review of the book, and part one of my interview with Chris. Coming Wednesday, part 2 of my interview covers Chris’ experiences writing the book and his thoughts on what’s next for publishing in an age of Kindles and tablets.

Zoom Shots are intentionally long reads, and they look great on mobile, so grab a seat and let me know what you think! And if you know of somebody would would make a great subject, send them my way!

10 years of blogging at

Today marks 10 years since the first blog post on this site. I’ve owned the domain name for about 2 years prior to that – lists October 2001 as the first recorded date– but used it mostly as a testing ground until 2003.

When I started this site, it was built on my own homemade content management system, which ran until 2005, when I finally switched over to WordPress. Over 500+ posts, here are a few of my favorites:

In 2003, I recommended people check out ESPN’s up and coming sportswriter Bill Simmons. In 2004, I announced the launch of my book. In 2006, I covered a Maine-centric blogging/media scandal; in 2007, I declared Twitter to be a “fad”. Later in 2007, I got press credentials for a presidential debate.

I’ve covered my home state of Maine’s media and politics, followed the evolution of blogging, and made a lot of lists! Finally, here’s a category that collects my favorite writing over the last 10 years.

Thank you for visting my site these past ten years – I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next 10!


Groundwork: A WordPress starter theme

Inspired by my love for WordPress theme development and a great presentation by developer Sean Butze I attended at this year’s WordCamp Boston, I’m happy to present Groundwork, a WordPress starter theme.

Beyond the usual starter theme basics, Groundwork features many nice customizations to a stock WordPress install, including:

  • Custom log in screen logo & styles;
  • Customized admin area including logo and dashboard;
  • Customized/advanced wp-config and wp-config-local (yes, that’s outside the scope of a standard theme);
  • Basic responsive layout;
  • LESS for better stylesheets;
  • Best practices for speed and mark-up.

In short, Groundwork aims to encourage a more tailored and unique WordPress experience for you and/or your clients from how their site responds on multiple devices to how the admin feels when editing a page.

Groundwork is heavily inspired by the following people and projects, which I encourage you to check out:

I welcome your comments and feedback, and I hope it helps you do great work.

View/Download Groundwork on Github

No photo of the day today- but I did make a variety of updates to the design and layout of the site.

Portland Press Herald mention

Yes, I did return from my blog vacation just to post a self-referential link!

Seriously though- thanks to Justin Ellis, who wrote a great article introducing the citizen journalism landscape- not just in Maine but nationwide- for the Portland Press Herald a couple weeks back. I get a brief mention, along with a couple of other Maine bloggers including my friend Lance Dutson.

Presenting The Living Well Report!

Are you a person? Do you enjoy food? If so, I cordially invite you to visit a new site I’m proud to announce: The Living Well Report. Hash browns & sausage

The Living Well Report is a blog devoted, essentially, to delicious and healthy food. My wife Heidi cooks some awesome things usually with organic and/or natural ingredients and with variety and moderation in mind. Together, we photograph these concoctions and share them on the site along with recipes, product reviews, and other good things.

Please head over and check it out, and be sure to grab The Living Well Report RSS feed. And of course, we welcome your comments or feedback!