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New: Zoom Shots focuses in on makers, their work, and their process

When my friend, author Chris Godsoe, offered up review copies of his new book pre://d.o.mai.n (available on and today!), I jumped at the chance to get an advance peek at the book and support an author. At the same time, I figured it might be a good chance to tweak my always-in-progress site, […]

Groundwork: A WordPress starter theme

Inspired by my love for WordPress theme development and a great presentation¬†by developer Sean Butze¬†I attended at this year’s WordCamp Boston, I’m happy to present Groundwork, a WordPress starter theme. Beyond the usual starter theme basics, Groundwork features many nice customizations to a stock WordPress install, including: Custom log in screen logo & styles; Customized […]

Now auto-detecting Windows Mobile devices

If you visit this site from a compliant mobile device, you’ll now be automatically re-directed to the mobile version of I’m still working out some kinks in my mobile version (permalinks are not mobile-friendly yet), and of course I also need to add auto-redirection for other mobile devices. But overall I’m glad to be […]