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As you may have noticed, I’m now expirementing with advertising on Individual post pages now include text ads served by Google’s AdSense program.

Because I cover a variety of subjects here, and I get middling traffic, I don’t expect much from these ads, but I’m interested in testing their effectiveness.

I’m open to feedback, so if you have some, leave a comment or email me.

Notes from the week

Eeek! I’ve been away for over a week (rhyme not intended). Here are some of the things I’ve been up to since I’ve been gone:

* On Sunday, three years to the day of the launch of, I re-launched by TV/Video/DVD blog, Network Landscape. Check it out, and if you’re interested in covering online video, TV, and etc., drop me a line.

* I added some photos to Flickr today, including two of the bookshelves in our office. I tagged them with the showyourbookshelves tag so if anybody wants to join in that or whatever, go on. I think it would be fun to browse what folks have on their shelves.

* We’re finally, hopefully, cancelling Adelphia cable in favor of DishTV (Any DishTV subscribers out there, feel free to leave pro/con comments or emails).

* Upcoming Summer Watch: We’ve grilled out once, cut down a couple of errant branches, and played badminton at work twice. Yardwork to come.

Refresh nearly complete…

If you visit via the old-fashioned web browser rather than through RSS, you have probably noticed a slight change in the design of the site. In fact, I think it’s a pretty signifigant upgrade, even if the site’s general structure is the same.

Besides a complete re-write under the hood, the site is hopefully more pleasing to look at in a variety of small ways. One big change I made was to follow Derek Powazek’s concept of a “useful footer”…my useful footer isn’t all that useful, but I did my best to provide some things for those who scroll down that far.

The site redesign comes on the heels of a major change behind the scenes as well. For almost two years, GearHost served me well as a fully-featured web host. They stayed strong as my weblog,, was generating 20,000 visitors a day during summer 2004, and I appreciate Ryan, Mike, and Sean’s support services.

But it became time for a change, and DreamHost not only met, but exceeded my expectations for a host. My first weekend with them has been great, particularly the IMAP email, which I’m loving.

It may be a bit bumpy around here and my other blogs, like Network Landscape, over the next few days. And sadly, because DreamHost doesn’t offer ColdFusion, I made the difficult decision to shut down after nearly three years (the site is built on ColdFusion).

Going forward though, I’m excited about the new possibilites offered by DreamHost. For one, I hope to experiment with podcasting in the near future. Stay tuned…

Not gone, far from it

It’s been a long, stressful, and largely unhealthy holiday season for me and my fam, such that this blog has been the least of my concerns in this end-of-year shuffle. That said, I do have every energy and intention of writing here, and other places, in 2006. I’m not gone, and I’m not going away- yet.

Consider yourselves lucky though. Instead of trotting out a few long-winded “2005 Best Of” and “2006 Predictions” posts I had originally planned, I’ve consolidated and shortened a few thousand words into a couple of posts I’ll drop over the next couple of days.

Before I do though, warm congrats to our friends Kate and Seth, who tied the knot today in a simple ceremony at a nearby hotel after years of stressful and fruitless wedding planning. Mazel tov!

More on Christmas

Our tree is up (photos soon UPDATE: Photos here), yet with a two-year-old and a cat in the house, we’re not sure how long it will remain standing- it’s already been subject to some rambunctious shaking and jumping in just two days. We also added some more lights to the outside of the house (see the header graphic on this site)- I’ll try to post a picture of the lights later, and I’ll hopefully be able to update the header graphic with a brighter pic later.

On a related topic, last week my friend mentioned to me that he’s noticed (anecdotally) a steep decline in houses decorated with Christmas lights since his childhood (he’s 26, so that would be the 1980’s for those scoring at home).

While I’m hesitant to give knee-jerk agreement to that kind of blanket statement, I do have a sense that my friend is right. Last night, we drove around our neighborhood to conduct some highly unscientific research, and what we found surprised us: In our small subdivision, we came across only 3 houses- ours, the one across the street from ours, and just one other- that were decorated with anything beyond just a tiny bit of lights.

Happy Thanksgiving

Xmas lights at night, originally uploaded by jgclarke.

A shot of our house on Thanksgiving eve, also the first snow of the year. We’ll have more lights to come this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, wherever you are.

So now you know

For a long time I’ve been drastically private on this site about writing-related matters. While the debate about private vs. public on a blog carries on, I’m in a bit of a writer’s block/rut so I’m taking the easy way and out being slightly transparent in an effort to jab myself with some possible new perspective.

The rut comes in part from waiting, which unless you’re good, can breed self-doubt. I have a short story out to an agent right now, and I’m waiting to hear back from her about whether or not it’s total crap.

If it’s rejected, I’m either going to submit it to Amazon’s Shorts program, or I might just post it here on this site and offer both a free web version, as well as a high-quality download for $1 or something like that. And maybe even a $1 audio book (is storycast – that would be “story” + “podcast” – too annoying of a term?) version, too.

If anybody has any comments, suggestions, feedback about the idea, please by all means share them in the comments.

Also: I’m currently 10-5 in my football pool this week, now waiting on the Monday Night game to start. I picked the Bears again (they won) because I heard Mike Golic saying their defense was underrated a few weeks ago on ESPN’s radio show Mike and Mike in the Morning. That’s part of why I sometimes take a bit of a longer way to work…The football pool.