Rambling thoughts on my stats

In looking at my stats, it appears that I’m getting a huge amount of my traffic from search engines. So…does this mean that my site is either:

* Excellently positioned to gain reasonable-to-high rankings on a wide variety of keywords, or…

* Valuless, in that visitors from search engines are only interested in one thing and will click past me once they realize I don’t have it?

So that second one brings me to a thought: which type of visitor has more value, the one who comes in from pure search results or the one who follows a link from another site? At first instinct I’d say the latter, by a wide margin, but why? Aren’t those who click thru to me from a blog following a topic-based path, just as those from search engines?

The obligatory “please hire me” post won’t come for a few more weeks

Oh yes, so last Friday was my final day at the job I’ve held for the past two years. I am currently unemployed!

It feels good, and only a bit scary. Thanks to my former employers for two years of often enjoyable, occasionally hectic experiences. I am happy to be drifting along, however long or temporary, as this week I’ve already gourged on junk food, driven around, and spent more time with my wife and son than I had in the previous few weeks combined. Tomorrow I might even sleep in.

Unfortunately, I can’t hang out like this forever: If you are looking for a web developer/project manager/consultant, contact me!

Win a Flickr Pro account! (CONTEST IS OVER)

It’s a contest!*

UPDATE: The contest is over. Congrats to the winner. Please don’t email me regarding this contest! Thanks!

I have 1 gift Flickr Pro account to give away. I will give it to the first person who can correctly identify the location of the photo used in the header of this website.

Some acceptable answers might be: the street in the photo (you locals could get it in a second), or the town that this street is in.

Some answers that will not be accepted: “planet earth”, “the US”, etc.

Send your guesses to jgc-at-jasonclarke.org (don’t forget to replace the “-at-” with @), and good luck!

* Sorry, for legal reasons this isn’t really a Contest. More like a giveaway or something else that doesn’t have all the legal stuff attached.

Just checking

Everybody knows that I re-launched this site without finishing it, right? That it’s got tons and tons of bugs and kinks that need to be worked out?

Okay, just checking.

Under construction

Yep, there’s still a ton of things I have left to do to this site.

* Add RSS subscribe buttons to the sidebar
* Add my links to the sidebar
* Test on other platforms
* Re-format photos page
* Add links to links page
* Add Fiql RSS to feeds list in sidebar?

the series premier

Hoo ha! Today is the first day of jasonclarke.org. After two years of owning the domain name and doing nothing with it, I’ve finally got something here.

Mostly, I think we’ll be using this site to publish photos we’ve taken (or that have been taken of us), so hit up the photos section, and be sure to check out the wedding photo album. So far, I’ve got about 10% of the photos up from our big day, with the rest to follow in the coming days.

For everyone who made the trip to the wedding, thank you for coming out. For those that could not make it, start here.