Just one of the personal uses of del.icio.us

I’m adding a new personal tag to my del.icio.us habit/space: “toread”. It’s, obviously, stuff I want to read later on. So then I’ll use the automagically generated del.iciou.us feed of that tag to dump back into my RSS reader (making sure to set the feed *not* to expire after I open it) so that I have a one-stop place to return to read stuff that I don’t have time to dive into when I first happen upon it.

Taking it back to the social angle (although del.icio.us is primarily a social tool, I think it’s myriad personal uses are equally huge and vastly undervalued – or at least vastly un-discussed), I can then add a new section to this site called “what I’m reading” and use BigBold’s RSS Digest to output the feed dynamically onto this site.

The web is pretty cool right now, huh?