About Me

Hi, I’m Jason Clarke. I’m a family guy and writer. This is my personal website, where I’ve been writing since 2003.

I enjoy spending time with family, being in nature, reading history, watching movies, traveling, and tinkering with technology.

During the work day, I’m Director of Account Strategy with 10up, a global digital agency, where I help our clients plan and build world-class experiences for the web and mobile devices. Previously, I’ve been a front-end developer, agency leader, consultant in the early days of blogs, author of a best-selling book, and groundskeeper with a college facilities department.

Find Me Online

You can find me many places online or contact me at jgc@jasonclarke.org.

Random Facts

More About Me

My mantra for 2024 is “Holding myself accountable first

My Love Language is “acts of service

If you’re not familiar with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths StrengthsFinder self-assessment, I recommend you take it. My StrengthsFinder themes are:

  1. Input: I enjoy collecting and learning information to help me gain a wider perspective and make better decisions.
  2. Restorative: I focus on identifying what is specifically wrong with a given situation and how I can help solve it.
  3. Connectedness: I empathize with people’s unique situations and believe that many of us share common challenges and goals.
  4. Strategic: I like to continue to think about how to solve problems, even when the answer isn’t obvious.
  5. Individualization: I focus on people’s individual attributes and how they can work together to achieve goals.

Here’s a painting of The USS Constitution, a symbol that represents ingenuity and fortitude to me. To learn about the fascinating story about the founding of the US Navy, I recommend Dawn Like Thunder

USS Constitution, Gordon Grant (1927). Paper on watercolor


If I ever write about something with which I have a business relationship, I’ll note that in the post itself, either inline or at the beginning or end.