About Me

Hi, I’m Jason Clarke. I’m a family guy and writer. This is my personal website, where I’ve been writing since 2003.

I enjoy spending time with family, being in nature, reading history, watching movies, traveling, and tinkering with technology.

During the work day, I’m Director of Account Strategy with 10up, a global digital agency, where I help our clients plan and build world-class experiences for the web and mobile devices. Previously, I’ve been a front-end developer, agency leader, consultant in the early days of blogs, author of a best-selling book, and groundskeeper with a college facilities department.

Find Me Online

You can find me many places online or contact me at jgc@jasonclarke.org.

Random Facts

More About Me

My mantra for 2024 is “Holding myself accountable first

My Love Language is “acts of service

My Enneagram is Type 4, the “Individualist”

If you’re not familiar with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths StrengthsFinder self-assessment, I recommend you take it. My StrengthsFinder themes are:

  1. Input: I enjoy collecting and learning information to help me gain a wider perspective and make better decisions.
  2. Restorative: I focus on identifying what is specifically wrong with a given situation and how I can help solve it.
  3. Connectedness: I empathize with people’s unique situations and believe that many of us share common challenges and goals.
  4. Strategic: I like to continue to think about how to solve problems, even when the answer isn’t obvious.
  5. Individualization: I focus on people’s individual attributes and how they can work together to achieve goals.

Here’s a painting of The USS Constitution, a symbol that represents ingenuity and fortitude to me. To learn about the fascinating story about the founding of the US Navy, I recommend Dawn Like Thunder

USS Constitution, Gordon Grant (1927). Paper on watercolor


If I ever write about something with which I have a business relationship, I’ll note that in the post itself, either inline or at the beginning or end.