A photo of Jason Clarke

Hey there, I’m Jason Clarke. I’m a family guy and writer interested in nature, travel, technology, and more.

You’ve found my website, which I’ve been publishing continually since May 2003. Here, I share occasional blog posts, photos, and more about me.

  • Season 22

    Twenty-one years ago today, I posted for the first time on this blog. A lot has happened: My wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last year; we have two nearly adult children; I’ve moved twice; changed jobs a few times; traveled quite a bit, and seen much joy and heartache. In terms of […]

  • My 2024 Mantra: Holding Myself Accountable First

    Each year, I choose a personal mantra to help guide and influence my thoughts, words, and actions for the year. For 2024, my mantra is “Holding myself accountable first”. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Before reacting in anger, blame, resentment, or when dealing with a challenge or a goal, I want to try to pause […]

  • What’s changed since Planes, Trains & Automobiles was released 36 years ago

    As we do each year we’re once again watching the classic (and my favorite movie of all time) Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Released on November 25 1987, the movie is now 36 years old. It’s fascinating to see how many bits and pieces of daily life in America have changed in just three decades’ time. […]

  • My Notion wishlist, March 2023

    I love and use Notion throughout my day to manage my personal tasks and goals, keep a journal, and much more. As a daily user and big fan, I’ve been building a wishlist of improvements I’d love to see Notion implement in 2023. Since I built my own personal Notion journal/task/goal tracker system in January […]

  • Movement Creates Motivation

    Each year since 2021, I’ve chosen a mantra to help focus my mind for the year. In 2022, it was “I have no enemies”, inspired by a dharma talk by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. This mantra was largely inspired by the atmosphere of vitriol and tribalism in communities, the media, and the world. It […]

  • Top 10 Favorite Detroiters Characters

    Detroiters aired two seasons on Comedy Central in 2017-2018. Fans of Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave or Sam Richardson (Ted Lasso, VEEP, Champagne, Ill) will most likely love this cult classic. As a huge Tim and Sam fan, Detroiters is one of my favorite endlessly rewatchable shows. As a tribute, here are my […]

  • The Netflix Stagnation is a Wake-Up Call for Netflix, Not Streaming

    What does The Netflix Stagnation mean for the world of streaming, and how can the OG platform revive its fate? Last week’s news that Netflix lost subscribers for the first quarter in ten years led to its stock dropping more than 25%, as well as a flurry of media coverage about how the streaming giant’s […]

  • Mainers – and our Government – Need to Do More To Uphold Tribal Rights

    The long record of tepid, if not downright shameful, support for Maine tribal rights continues. Maine’s tribal nations have less rights than national tribes due to a 1980 settlement that is part of a “history of fraud“, according to a recent government-issued report. In a sign of spring, two new bills offered in both the […]

  • In a Cup of Tea

    A poem about looking more deeply at a cup of tea

  • Between Two Parks – and Laundry Service to Boot: Memories of College Life in Boston

    I’m looking at the large pile of laundry decorating the floor of my son’s room. In a few short months, he’ll be away at college, unbound by my wife and I nudging him to throw in a load or two now and then. I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but sometimes I fear […]