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Hey there – I’m Jason Clarke. I’m a writer and family guy interested in history, nature, technology, movies, travel, and more.

You’ve found my website, which I’ve been publishing continually since May 2003. Here, I share occasional stories, blog posts, photos, and more about me. Take a look around and be in touch with any comments or feedback!

Fall 2021

Latest Notebook Entries

The Time Has Come for Netflix Live

Everything goes in cycles. The seasons, cultural trends, and basically every aspect of the internet rises and falls, with all that is old becoming new again (AskJeeves should be rebooted any day now). With that maxim in mind, I think it’s a perfect time for Netflix to keep ahead of…

Some favorite quotes – a running list

Inspired by chatting in a work Slack channel, l’m taking my list of favorite quotes and making them public, starting with a couple that I think of often. Similar to my running list of comedians I’ve seen, I’ll try to remember to keep this updated as I add new ones…