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Maine wastes taxpayer money on inept web campaigns

Let’s see if that title earns some much-warranted attention to this story. See, something stinks here in my home state of Maine, and at least this time around it’s not the State’s abysmal DirigoChoice health are program. Instead, I’m talking about some highly irregular, irresponsible, and completely unprofessional behavior on display by our state’s Office […]

2005 Blogs of the Year

My picks for 2005 Blogs of the Year: 5. Scripting News – Dave Winer / He’s often infuriating, especially in a disagreement. But there’s no doubt that Dave Winer is the unofficial Chief Technical and Philisophical Officer of the living web. While some people find one or two interesting things to say every couple of […]

WordPress hosted blog service goes public, the hosted blog service developed by the WordPress team (the gears running this site), is now out of private beta and is public. I’ve been using the service for about two weeks now (but I’ve only posted to once so far, to my detriment). My reaction is split down the middle, as I stated […]

More on Measure Map: a useless, but fun, feature request

My review of Measure Map generated two comments. One was by Jeffrey Veen, a partner in Adaptive Path, the consulting firm that built and is launching Measure Map. Rather than reply to Jeff’s comment with my own comment (which would bury the conversation down a layer) or reply to him with an email (which would […]

Some first impressions on Measure Map

Measure Map is a new blog stats (really, analytics) tool developed by usability consulting firm Adaptive Path and currently in private alpha mode for the time being. (Whoah- will alpha become the new beta?) By entering you email address at the service’s homepage,, you’ll be added to the waiting list to receive an invitation […]

The Blogging Heads monitor Technorati

I’m incredibly honored that Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright, the 3-D, Max Hedrom-esque Blogging Heads, linked to my recent post praising their new videoblogging venture, Mickey’s kausfiles is one of my earliest inspirations towards working and writing on the web (remember when Kaus’ paragraph-style blogroll called Wright’s Non-Zero “fab big think”?). Now it’s a […]

Credit where it’s due

During the summer I made much hay about being disgusted with Technorati’s absymal level of service, uptime, and results. It’s only fair, then, to note that in my own anecdotal experience I’ve noticed a signifigant improvement in Technorati’s service over the past few weeks. Congrats to Technorati for listening and responding to the complaints of […]

This is really cool: Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright have launched a new site called (a take-off on “talking heads”, hehe). It’s a video blog of sorts, with Wright on the left side of the video and Kaus on the right. The unique part: Both men are sitting in (apparently) their own separate offices, […]