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  • Why the gdgt+AOL union is a rallying cry for the WordPress community

    AOL sign at AOL Music Showcase

    In my latest article on WP Daily, I talk about why the recent acquisition of tech site gdgt by AOL’s tech publishing arm might be bad news for WordPress in the enterprise: I’m suggesting that old, tired, and unfair “WordPress is for traditionally-formatted blogs” trope may still be a factor when online media properties choose their technology […]

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  • Angus King for US Senate

    Former Maine Governor and Senate hopeful Angus King

    Maine is lucky to have six five people running for our open US Senate seat. While Olympia Snowe will be extremely difficult to replace in terms of her stature and impact, two people running have the best chance to follow in her principled footsteps. Former Governor Angus King has been the front-runner in the race since […]