The Teammates

Historian David Halberstam was on The Daily Show Thursday talking about his new book, The Teammates.

The book is about Red Sox legends Dom Dimaggio (yes he is) and Johnnie Pesky driving from Boston down to Florida for one last visit with Ted Williams, who has since passed.

Williams was the greatest hitter that ever lived, and Dimaggio and Pesky were his teammates during a time when men like Williams left the game to serve during wartime, and those who stayed behind stayed with the same team, often throughout an entire career.

Dimaggio and Pesky are two peas, both small, wiry men who made great players with their heart and attitude. Pesky, at 83 years old, is still employed by the Sox in this, his 57th year in pro ball.

It sounds almost too good to be non-fiction, but it is…these are the stories that make New England the most true, and best, part of this country.

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