My Notebook includes both Notes – short tweet-style thoughts – as well as a collection of blog posts dating back nearly twenty years. I write about everything from technology to authors to inspiration and much more.

The Clip File category is a collection of my personal favorite writings I’ve done on this site since its founding in 2003.


  • I don’t use Twitter anymore, though I do miss the short bursts of thoughts I could jot down there (mostly bad jokes). With that in mind, I’m excited to be trying out Jeremy Felt‘s Shortnotes plugin, which adds a simplified “new post” experience to my site.

  • I’ve been hiking for a while but just this summer started using AllTrails, which I’ve found to be a great resource for learning about trail tips and tricks, photos, and for planning future hikes. Check out and follow me on AllTrails here.

Blog Posts

  • In a Cup of Tea

    A poem about looking more deeply at a cup of tea

  • A tree-lined street in Boston, Massachusetts' Back Bay neighborhood

    Between Two Parks – and Laundry Service to Boot: Memories of College Life in Boston

    I’m looking at the large pile of laundry decorating the floor of my son’s room. In a few short months, he’ll be away at college, unbound by my wife and I nudging him to throw in a load or two now and then. I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but sometimes I fear […]

  • Yes, the second Trump impeachment is divisive. But that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

    The assessment by Congressional Republicans (and some of the public) that this week’s historic second impeachment of President Trump is “divisive” isn’t entirely wrong. The action is literally divisive, in that it will cause Trump supporters to resent further punishment for their actions, which will manifest later when they have either justifiable or perceived “points” […]

  • The Time Has Come for Netflix Live

    Everything goes in cycles. The seasons, cultural trends, and basically every aspect of the internet rises and falls, with all that is old becoming new again (AskJeeves should be rebooted any day now). With that maxim in mind, I think it’s a perfect time for Netflix to keep ahead of its increasingly aggressive competition in […]

  • Radical Caring for Online News: A Call to Confront Two Disappointing Decades of Stagnation

    I’ve worked in the web since the summer of 2000, when I was paid $400 to build a site for a local farm (RIP, Microsoft FrontPage). Fast forward two decades to 2020, and I’m still waiting for online news to break free of stagnation and innovate to improve its delivery and experience for the good […]

  • Some favorite quotes – a running list

    Inspired by chatting in a work Slack channel, l’m taking my list of favorite quotes and making them public, starting with a couple that I think of often. Similar to my running list of comedians I’ve seen, I’ll try to remember to keep this updated as I add new ones to the list. For now, […]

  • Vote Yes on Orono School Bond

    You may have heard that Orono is holding a vote on this coming Tuesday, June 11th to pass a bond in support of some long-overdue upgrades to our crumbling schools. As a proud Orono resident with two children in our schools, I was fortunate to have a role as one of the community representatives in […]

  • Baseball-themed books on a shelf

    Pitching in the Shirtsleeves

    On my first Mother’s Day without my Mom, I try to find something to hold onto.

  • Movies 2018

    In 2018, I watched 49 movies, two more than in 2017, and slightly less than the average of 51 movies per year that I’ve averaged over the past 10 years. Yes, I track my movie-watching (and my book-reading, calories, sleep, travel, and other things), I enjoy doing it, and I refer back to it often. […]

  • Not one of the finer moments in Bond history

    I get that they want to show he’s wearing 3D glasses, but this will go down as a fully 90’s fashion choice nonetheless.