Dang, that’s a nice site!

Via Glenn, we learn that Tennessee Governor Phil Bresden is now blogging at his state’s official website, Tennessee.gov/governor. (Too bad they didn’t call it tennesse.gov/ernor, right?).

A couple of thoughts on this:

* Did Bill Hobbs get Gov. Bresden blogging? Or was it his state’s larger (and surprisingly larger) blogging community that got him started?

* Dang, the Gov (and the state) has a really, really nice site design/layout going on! World’s better than most other official Governor’s web sites, Bresden’s appears to be easy to use as well as attractive, modern, and friendly. It doesn’t validate– got to add “alt” tags to your images, team! – but it’s got email updates, some nice accessability features (in-context font sizing, multiple links to the same pages, intelligent navigation, etc.), and I like it.

Now, they need to update the rest of the Tennessee.gov site to match.

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