Star Wars III…

Going to see it tonight with my Dad.

UPDATE: Short review: It was pretty damn good. One thing that’s been bothering me over the past few weeks as I’ve been following all the reviews was the sheer extremity of the opinions. Some critics loved it, others hated it, and as time went on, I didn’t see much of a “middle space” evolve. I became convinced that both sides- the lovers and the haters- were simply over-reacting to their individual expectations, either met or failed.

After seeing it, I think my middleism was generally correct, with a slight tilt towards the lovers. You haters, back off and go home. It’s not fair to judge the film as a failure on your own set of unmet expectations. And to those who said it’s the best of the lot: whoah, nellie! Just because it’s the first good once since 1983 doesn’t mean we should start declaring it the best thing ever.

The ending was classic, the middle was damn good, and the dialogue was terrible. It was definitely a PG-13 movie though-there were at least two parts I thought went a bit far.

My rating: ***1/2

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