The Nashville blogging scene is pretty cool

One of the best parts of attending BlogNashville was that I came away reading about 10 or so new blogs, at least 4 of them Nashville locals. Two of my favorites after a fortnight:

Tim Morgan

Saucy Librarian

UPDATE: Welcome Nashvilleians, and thanks Brittney (even though you made fun of me twice in two days, ha). Now that the spotlight’s on, I feel remiss in not mentioning these excellent Nashville blogs in my original post:

* Sparkwood & 21

* Bill Hobbs

* Slept Thru Texas (Jennifer Patrick, who took the Nash skyline picture for the BlogNashville site)

* And perhaps the newest Nashville blogger: John Jay Hooker

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Busy Mom, who just helped set my new record for most comments on a post. Busy Mom was another nicely written site I stumbled upon during BlogNashville and had somehow lost. Now she’s Bloglined and Blogrolled!

BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY UPDATES, RIGHT? Just discovered Busy Mom’s tagline…it’s one that my wife would love/agree with: Better parenting through coffee.

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