Prediction a la Rove

A prediction: Karl Rove is not Judith Miller’s source. Think about it: if Rove was Miller’s source, don’t you think the NYT would be pressuring Miller to reveal Rove with some kind of damning evidence, thereby effectively ensuring his almost immediate public demise?

Now, consider the flip side: The only explanation for Miller’s ongoing incareration is that Rove is not her source. When you think of it that way, things begin to make sense. Revealing Miller’s source then, by virtue of the fact that he/she is NOT Rove, will only serve to take the heat off Liberal Enemy #1. The NYT knows Rove will then have the opening he needs to recede from the spotlight and, given his extroadinary intelligence and political cunning, make a clean escape (or at least take one for the Bush team).

As the NYT pressures Miller to withold her Non-Rove source, Rove’s situation becomes worse and worse. Next week, after Rove has spent a week flapping in the wind while the White House clams up and the press corps tears him into shreds of bloody meat, I predict that only then will the NYT/Miller reveal her source- and Miller’s source will be the person, most likely a CIA employee, who actually leaked Plame’s name.

By then, Rove will be long gone, everybody having long since forgotten (or never learned in the first place) that he did not (read Matt Cooper’s emails for proof) leak Plame’s name.

It’s just a prediction. But knowing the New York Times, I think it has a good chance of coming true. Of course, knowing Rove, he may well have one up his sleeve on this. After all, he did give the clear for Cooper to reveal his name…

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