Technorati sucks

Sorry, but Technorati SUCKS. I used them many times per hour for several months last summer- probably about 20 times a day, six days a week- and the service was invaluable to me. It was my #1 web service of the year for 2004.

But for the past several months, Technorati’s response time has been unforgivably abysmal. They’re horrendously slow, and for the last four weeks, I have been ZERO-FOR-10 in searches. That means the last ten times I’ve searched the site, I’ve gotten this message:

Sorry, we couldn’t complete your search because we’re experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or add this search to your watchlist to track conversation.

That is unacceptable by any standard.

Can I keep going? Sorry again, but I do not like the new website. If you’re going to shift your strategy towards mainstream, make sure you’re hardware/infastructure is 110% FIRST. But that new design? Too green, too round, and tooooo frickin’ busy.

Please, Technorati, don’t try to be Yahoo: don’t be the public service of the living web.

Just deliver results.

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