Give to hurricane relief efforts

Today, Instapundit is hosting a massive blog fundraiser for the areas and people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The response is overwhelming- countless people have chimed in with a host of charities that deserve our support.

Rather than link to a larger charity though, I thought I might add to the fundraiser by linking to an individual who has been personally affected by the tragedy.

Livejournal user Amicablebitch (her real name is Mary) is a New Orleans resident. Over the past week, she’s been accepting donations at her site via PayPal. But the money isn’t going just to her- she’ll be using part of it to help rebuild, and also donating some of the money to other worthy causes as well.

If you want to catch a personal glimpse of the devistating effects of the hurricane and lend your support at a super-personal level, head over to her site, read her recent entries, and please consider making a donation.

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