An idea for Steve Rubel

Steve Rubel is what I like to call “a blogger’s blogger”- among other reasons are his long series of posts about how to extend/improve your blogging/online geek experience. So, here’s an idea for Steve, a post I’d like to see him write:

“How to maintain multiple blogs”

Now that Steve is maintaining not just his own Micropersuasion blog, but also one on skin cancer (not to mention his Across the Sounda podcast with fellow PR guru Joseph Jaffe), I’d like to hear his unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of being a multiple-blog-blogger:

* How do you maintain interest (and quality level!) in two blogs, each with divergent subjects?

* Do you set any “rules” or guidelines for how often you’ll post to each?

* How do you shift mindset when shifting from writing about one topic to another?

* Does one blog have to be your “default”- or, let’s say you were sick or busy and you only had time to update one, do you update one or neither?

* It’s hard to “launch” a blog- how do you get a 2nd (or 3rd?) one off the ground while serving the audience of the first?

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