Please, get well

Steve Rubel has been a great read for many months now. His blog, Micropersuasion, has served as an invaluable guide to the ascention of blogging as a mainstream promotional tool, Web 2.0, RSS, and much more. Today, Steve announced that he has skin cancer.

Ever the blogger, Steve plans to write about his experiences publicly at

Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery.

Steve’s announcement also reminded me that I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that one of my other favorite bloggers (and writers), Cathy Seipp, recently announced that she’s had lung cancer for going on three years.

Reading both Cathy, as well as her daughter Maia’s blog, together is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable online experiences. Both women are bright, hilarious, and true. I can’t say much except that I wish Cathy and Maia the best as they battle Cathy’s unfortunate condition.

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