The Blogging Heads monitor Technorati

I’m incredibly honored that Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright, the 3-D, Max Hedrom-esque Blogging Heads, linked to my recent post praising their new videoblogging venture,

Mickey’s kausfiles is one of my earliest inspirations towards working and writing on the web (remember when Kaus’ paragraph-style blogroll called Wright’s Non-Zero “fab big think”?). Now it’s a bit funny, and entirely fitting, that while I’ve got my own experiments in videoblogging going on (nothing public yet), inspiration for those trials would come from the same source that led me to blog.

And now that we know they’re furiously searching Technorati for the latest links to, let me just drop one in the suggestion box: Would it be uncool to devote just a minute or two of an upcoming episode to explaining some of the technology used to create their blog-show-whateveritis?

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