Idea factory: Dell, let us share our customized systems!

OLSTM (one-line summary): Dell should provide a “Send this configuration to a friend” link on the page of its website where you customize the components of your Dell system.

Here’s one way it could work: If you’ve ever ordered a computer online via Dell’s website (or even browsed the site without ordering), you’ve probably seen their pretty neat, and often imitated, “customize your order” page.

On that page, you start out with the basic options of a computer (harddrive, memory, keyboard, etc.), then proceed to select upgrades for each option via drop down menu. The menu provides handy cues on component price, and when you’re done you get a customized machine and a price.

Why it matters: The urge to play with such a fun (and useful) tool is hard to resist. But beyond the obvious option of sending back and forth “suped-up” customizations with your friends, is also the extremely valuable business application of being able to deliver recommended systems to clients.

Currently, there’s no easy way to forward your custom-built Dell page to anybody else. That’s why a “Send this configuration to a friend” option would be a neat feature. Dell could even go the extra mile and include a “buy this system” link directly from within the email they send you.

UPDATE: Thanks to Brian for the idea!

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  1. One of the problems with this is the fact that you have stumbled upon one of Dell’s big marketing secret’s – their website. Ever noticed you can get different pricing on the same exact items simply by navigating throught the site differently? In a ‘normal’ shopping experience at a local store, this would be seen with serious backlash and customers would surely complain that pickles in aisle 2 are more expensive than the same exact pickles in aisle 4!

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