Idea factory: integrated bittorrent search

OLSTM (one-line summary): a bittorrent client that includes an integreated search box.

Here’s one way it could work:
A user downloads a bittorrent client that includes an integrated torrent file search box. As the user, you can specify one, or a series, of URLs to pre-load the search with. The software’s maker could also choose to pre-load some popular tracker sites, based on quality/affiliates/etc. Then, instead of having to use the browser to perform a search and click on a link to your load your client, all could be handled from within the app. Better yet: if the app offered a Firefox search plugin whose results window spawned the app.

Why it matters: Because no bitorrent client I’ve ever used includes an integrated torrent search box. There may be one out there (after all, there’s no shortage of clients), but I have yet to come across one.

Bitorrent file search is so bad right now, it could easily be improved from many angles. This is one.

2 thoughts on “Idea factory: integrated bittorrent search”

  1. Your smokin crack!

    You actually want the clients folks tied up with the illegal search guys?!? That would be sure death for any client that choose to do so. The best way for the clients to stay legit is to steer clear of the rampant downloading habits of teens (even though they fuel the market)

    You may want to try

    Peace Out

  2. Widowmaker,

    I didn’t say they had to be tied up. I’m suggesting the client application provides a search mechanism that can be loaded with the user’s choice of URLs…admittedly this might be for the power user only as things like query value would need to be configured…but the point is to extend the power of the client app by integrating it more closely with search.

    That doesn’t mean that the client would be endorsing illegal file sharing- any more so than they already do by providing a mechanism to download the files. In my view its simply the case of extending the functionality of the software.

    As for my suggestion that the client app comes preloaded with search links, those would obviously have to be for places that point to legal files.

    But as podcasting, and in 2006, videoblogging take off, micro content creators will increasingly need to face the qualms of bandwidth and storage prices. Bitorrent is an excellent way to address this issue, but in order for it to become as seamless as it needs to, the Bittorrent client experience needs to improve vastly.

    Integrated search is a good start.

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