What I’ve been reading…

A few books I’ve read in the past couple weeks:

Son of Fletch, Gregory McDonald – Fletch returns, this time to help his newly discovered son. Pretty good stuff. B-

Fletch Reflected, Gregory McDonald – Fletch is back again, or actually, Fletch’s son Jack Faoni is, but it’s hard to tell the difference in this one. The young prodigy is quite similar to his Dad. That’s good though- this book is nearly vintage Fletch. B+

The DaVinci Code
, Dan Brown – This book has taken some serious shots, in part because it’s so popular. Yes, some of the writing is a bit cheesy, and it was almost certainly written as a movie (the author even takes the lame shortcut of comparing his hero to “Harrison Ford in tweed.”) For those reasons and more, I avoided this thing for as long as I possibly could. Forget all that though- this book is a riveting, fascinating read that will amount to more history, philosophy, and re-examination than most people are treated to in a year. A

Angels & Demons, Dan Brown – Reading this after DaVinci, it feels like a mediocre warm-up to what Brown delivered with DaVinci. C-

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