Don’t visit Adholes unless you like to be spammed

Just got another email from Adholes, the worthless advertising news site. You may remember my post from three weeks ago, where I complained that Adholes continued to send me email messages after I had attempted to unsubscribe twice.

Well I’ve now tried to unsubscribe three times and they are continuing to send me messages. Again, this is the very definition of spam. Therefore, Adholes is engaging in not only unethical, but illegal practices in order to get their message out.

If they even care, Adholes may want to contact, the third-party service they use to send their messages, and ask them what’s going on.

Alright, I’m off to try and unsubscribe for the fourth time!

UPDATE: Jeesh, these people are clueless idiots. I just spent a few minutes trying to follow their directions on ‘deleting’ my account with them- which, according to their instructions, involves logging in, changing my name to “delete”, removing my email, saving my account, and then logging out of my account.

That would be awesome, except…Their system won’t let me remove my email, nor is there an option to ‘logout’ of my account…so, wow. Just when you think incompetence can’t get much worse, it often surprises you.

Adholes, you are conducting yourselves quite poorly, and I can’t be the only person out there with these problems.

9 thoughts on “Don’t visit Adholes unless you like to be spammed”

  1. Where is the scene at the top of your website? I dont’ recognize it. By the way, it’s a lovely website.


  2. Why did you get on adholes anyway?

    At least they told you how to delete yourself. I named myself to “nobody” in order to get deleted and they sent me a you have been kicked out, your posts are stupid and ridiculous, beat it, get a life, buh-bye.

    Anyway you are right, tons of people have left the site for worse reasons than you have. Too bad imagine what one could constructively do with that resource. Really too bad.

    I think you got out of the whole matter rather nicely.

    So what’s the trendiest thing going on at your website these days?

  3. You seem to be overly obsessed with spam. There’s a few posts on your blog where you accuse various sites of spamming you. I’m a member of Adholes, and they very rarely send emails. When they do they’re not commercial and there is a link at the bottom to the commonly used MailMan system where you can easily get off the list. So not sure why you’re accusing them of spamming, I’m a member of Talent Zoo and MediaPost and they send me several emails per day.

  4. Jennifer B,

    Thanks for the comment. You say there’s a “few” posts on my blog where I accuse places of spamming me. There are actually 2 relevant posts where I complain about being spammed out of about 100 or so.

    Both of those posts concern Adholes, and as for your comemnt that you’re “not sure” why I’m accusing them of spamming me, all I can say is…DID YOU READ MY POSTS? If you did, and you still think Adholes’ behavior here is appropriate and mine is not, please tell me so.

    Please, to all those coming here searching for Adholes, read the posts before you comment.

  5. cool. Though I do see quite alot of interesting things here.

    Are you from Maine. Its a great place. I did a windjammer cruise one summer up the coast and just recently, revisited. Its heaven.

    The problem that I really had with adholes is that within three days three people confessed that they were not who they said they were. And as I went along alot more people turned out to be fake also. So really how could one really communicate. You can’t. You did the right thing. You aren’t the only one writing about them. Its all over the net and of course my email is full of people who have written me about them.

    I really don’t get it. Then again I never dared venture in the AdWorld. My mom always said they were crooks and liars.

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