Big news for TiVo?

The web is buzzing about a big announcement by TiVo set for tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am EST. Many are predicting TiVo will announce a free set-top box in exchange for subscription deal, but I’m going in the other direction and predicting they’ll announce a major content partnership.

INSTANT UPDATE: Looks like I was…mostly right. Lost Remote links to a report that TiVo will announce KidZone, a new service that will offer “virtual channels, specifically targeted to the children.” The report also notes:

Parents have the ability to select from an entire menu of weekly recommendations and automatically record all of those shows. When TiVo is in KidZone mode, it locks out all other programming access by children. Parents get password-protected ability to decide what’s best for their children to watch and kids get their own space on TiVo to enjoy their favorite shows. The service will be launched in June 2006.

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