Full-text RSS is mandatory around here

Now that my RSS reader has grown to include 139 feeds (I put an informal cap at 100 a few months ago), it’s time to do some pruning.

As much as it pains me, I’m starting by usubscribing from all my feeds that are not full-text. The biggest loss for me in that department is Dr. Helen, who is on Blogspot and therefore can easily flip her feeds to full-text with just a simple click. I hope she considers doing so!

Another one I’m going to miss is Paul Davidson, author of Lost Blogs and a funny blogger who provides a great diversion from my tech-heavy reading list.

I hope both bloggers recognize that providing full-text RSS feeds will actually bring them more fans, not less, and take a risk by offering full-text feeds.

UPDATE: jasonclarke.org gets results! Paul Davidson left a comment on this post saying he’s enabled full-text posts for the time being. Thanks, Paul! You’ve been re-subscribed!

4 thoughts on “Full-text RSS is mandatory around here”

  1. I’m going to see if your psychic abilities are good, JC. Full-text has been enabled, now we’ll see just what that does for my cadre of new fans…


  2. Thanks, Paul! With 2 comments you’re now the second most prolific commenter on this blog. Would this be a weird time to mention my appreciation for the Muppet films, including ‘from Space’?

  3. Wow – I’m honored.

    I worked on Muppets From Space, as you probably know, which we shot in (get this) North Carolina. Was a fun film to shoot although people don’t like it as much as I thought they would.

  4. Yep, I knew you worked on it, that’s why I mentioned it. Never underestimate the power of IMDb.

    I think it’s part Muppet fear, part entertainment choices. One, people fear that with Mr. Henson passed on, the films will lose their heart and they don’t want previously happy memories “ruined” by taking a chance on a new generation.

    Two, there is so much kids entertainment out there (I’m the father of a 2yr old), with kids entertainment marketing budgets so huge, that it’s incredibly hard for some things to get a foothold. Just some theories.

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