Domain names for sale

I am offering the following domain names for sale, with a brief suggestion for what to do with each name:
I believe this is the strongest name with the most potential. This name will work great for a business (publishing, content, search) or application (tracking, rss, aggregation, etc.). I originally intended to build a service that would track authors and their books across a variety of metrics such as Amazon rankings, Technorati results, sales, etc. The tool was to be aimed at PR firms and publishing houses.
Use the phrase to describe your management style, motivational course/speech, or related. Or, take it more literally a be a source or agregator of tour guiding information.
Develop a service to store notes/to-do lists (as I had planned), or instead, build a site where people can leave notes for each other to be picked up. Could be romantic/fun.

Build a site where people can store personal “yay me” lists. A Yay Me! list is one where you keep track of accomplishments, successes, etc. for personal motivation/inspiration. This

Any offer(s) considered.

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