2 thoughts on “Yahoo!’s Calendar should be RSS-ified

  1. James Spears

    I agree completely. I am contemplating switching to Google Calendar, solely for this reason. I have to think that Yahoo will do this soon. I need to mash up some of my data with other time sensitive information.

    I would be very interested if you have learned anything new since your post.


  2. BuffaloHELP

    My initial interest with Yahoo calendar was because I manage a sports league and wanted to notify team members with upcoming events. But I cannot do all the work. And since I have hired people to manage when I am not around, why not have them manage schedules for me?

    So the first step was to find an auto generating calendar for my site. And then incorporate each day’s link to Yahoo calendar’s corresponding day. You can see the full discussion here Simple PHP calendar and Yahoo calendar connection and view scripts in action here scripts

    I hope this helps.

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