Mobile phone stats, 2 years later

Last year at this time, I reflected on my first anniversary of owning my mobile phone by providing some usage stats.

Now that I’ve owned the phone for two years, I thought it might be fun to compile the stats for this past year (2005-2006) and then compare them to last year’s. Here we go:


  Last year (2004-2005) This year (2005-2006) TOTAL
TOTAL CALLS 3,205 1,869 5,074
CALLS PER DAY 8.7 5.12 6.95 calls per day
TOTAL TALK TIME 125 hours, 0 minutes, 13 seconds 82 hours, 33 minutes, 7 seconds 207 hours, 33 minutes, 20 seconds
TALK TIME PER DAY 20 minutes 14 minutes 17 minutes
DAYS ON PHONE 5.2 straight days 3.4 straight days 8.6 straight days

3 thoughts on “Mobile phone stats, 2 years later”

  1. Any reason for the sharp decline in phone usage over the past year? Different work? Worse phone? One yakky friend move to Asia? The stats cry out for just a line or two of explanation.

  2. Steve, Ed,

    Thanks for the comments. You’re both right- Steve, I should’ve explained.

    Ed, you’re right- there was a change in a relationship; just not a personal one.

    In 2004/2005, I had a reasonably successful book, and that meant nearly endless hours on the phone with publishers, publicists, and related professionals. That was a long-distance relationship if there ever were one, as I reside in Maine and most of the media world works out of New York.

    When my book faded in 2005/2006, my phone time dropped as a direct and measurable result of not needing to be on the phone to New York many times per day.

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