My picks for NFL week 5

So I’m in a football pool with some family. I’ve been logging my progress so far– here’s the latest update.

Last week: 10-4

Last week, I looked smart taking New England (my team) and Houston, two “upsets” that put me tied with my brother-in-law. It all came down to Seattle vs. Chicago for us, I took Seattle, and we know how that turned out (Seattle got whomped, 37-6). So after four weeks, I still have yet to win a single week- I’ve come within one game twice, but I can’t put it over the top.

Season to date: 28-16 – Good for 63%

Here are my picks for the upcoming week 5:

Green Bay
New England
New Orleans
New York Giants
Kansas City
San Fransisco
New York Jets
Denver (44)

Want to supply your own? Leave them in the comments!

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