Dutson on the Maine GOP

My friend and co-host Lance Dutson has an excellent op-ed in today’s Bangor Daily News in which he, ah, encourages the Maine GOP to kickstart itself by using some new technologies. These are topics- Republicans, and new technologies- that are near and dear to my heart, and even if he weren’t my friend I’d say Lance nails this topic.

Some key thoughts:

The prevailing wisdom of Republicans this election cycle was that candidates needed to go door to door to get votes. While this presents an idyllic and quaint portrait of Maine life, it is an utter waste of time and resources. No candidate in any district can effectively seize control of the political dialog when they are hamstrung between their everyday job and what amounts to a slow-motion marathon race around their district. Political candidates win when their name is known, and the technology exists today that makes lack of message resonance an unforgivable political crime.

If you’re a Republican in a leadership position here in our great state, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a few minutes and read what Lance has to say.

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