My NFL picks for playoffs round 1

My NFL pool has wrapped up its regular season. I finished a strong 10-6 in the final week, but have yet to hear if that record was enough to give me my second weekly victory of the season.

So for the regular season, I finished at 131-113, good for 54%. Again, I haven’t heard how the regular season overall standings finished up, but I’ll post them as soon as I hear.

Now, on to the playoffs. In our pool, we count each regular season victory for 1 point, totaling the points once at the end of the regular season. But our pool doesn’t end there. For the playoffs, each correct pick is equal to 2 points, meaning people who didn’t finish at the top of the regular season standings still have a chance to play catch-up by making great picks for the playoffs.

So for round 1 of the NFL playoffs, here are my picks:

Ind at KC — Ind
Sea at Dal — Dal
NYJ at NE — NE
Phi at NYG — Phi

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