My NFL picks for playoffs round 3

So we’ve made it through 2 rounds of playoffs, and I just found out that I’m hopelessly behind in my pool. I’m 10 points behind my brother-in-law at this stage, and with only 3 games left in the playoffs, I’ll only make up 6 of the 10 points needed for victory even if I get the final 3 picks correct.

Congrats to my brother-in-law, Joe! Here are my anti-climactic picks for this week:

Last week: I went 3-1.

Playoffs overall: 6-2, good for 75%.

Here are my picks for this week:
NO at CHI – Sorry Rex and Co, I’m taking New Orleans
NE at IND – I think Indy will probably win- they have to, sometime- but I don’t pick against the Pats. At least not until they start having a string of losing seasons ;)…so I’m sticking with New England.

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