Random thoughts on baseball and RSS

* A quote that appeared on my Google homepage quotes widget:

“No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other.”
Jascha Heifetz

* Former Red Sox closer Keith Foulke is retiring from baseball at age 34. Foulke said some dumb things during his tenure in Boston, but also earned 34 saves in 2004 as well as the final out in the World Series. Thanks, Keith!

* Following in Scoble‘s footsteps, I’m now sharing recommended items that I find in my Google Reader stream. My shared items are here, and the feed is here.

* Speaking of RSS, I’m now offering a meta feed of all my feeds– my blog, podcast, links, videos, and shared Google Reader items, all in one big stream. In addition, I’ve got an OPML file of all my RSS feeds if you like it that way.

* You may have noticed a few changes around this blog, or you may not have if you get me in your RSS reader. I recently neatened up my sidebar thanks to the useful “Javascript Tabifer” Javascript courtesy of BarelyFitz.com. The tool creates handy tabs that I use to group my archives and my topics together to shorten up pages and hopefully make it easier for visitors to find the archived content they’re looking for.

* It looks like 2007 will really be the year for OpenID, a public, de-centralized indentity system for the web. The format has earned adoption from a number of big players in recent weeks, including Microsoft, AOL, and popular social news site Digg.

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