Review: Thermos Nissan

Several months ago, I was contacted by online kitchen tool retailer The Gourmet Kitchen. They offered me to choose any model Thermos from their online store,, to test and then review here on my site. After some deliberation- there are a lot of different Thermos models, I will say that- I chose the Thermos Nissan.

The Thermos Nissan is a bullet-shaped, stainless steel travel mug that holds 25 ounces of cold or hot beverage. Since I take a standard-issue plastic travel mug of coffee to work each day (and frequently have one with me when I go anywhere else), I’ve been able to put the Thermos Nissan to some good real-world testing.

In addition, my family and I go on many outings and picnics during the summer, and the Nissan has been our beverage container of choice on these occasions, which are often hot days.

After significant usage, I can heartily recommend the Thermos Nissan as a sturdy, reliable beverage container. The Nissan keeps beverages unbelievable well at the temps they were sealed into, weather hot or cold.

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